ePrayer Impact is a faith based non-profit that exists to encourage the church in America and around the world in prayer.


We have recently be fulfilling our purpose by helping to coordinate prayer movements such as IF MY PEOPLE 2012 and IF MY PEOPLE 2016.  In both cases we have helped to organize various prayer leaders, organizations, and movements in a behind the scenes, safe, and transparent way.  We have not been trying to build our own database, donors, etc, but truly have a desire to serve those already in ministry.  By coming alongside current ministries we have been successful in bringing people together, obtain free publicity, and help to freely serve established ministries and people.  We have been successful doing this with maintaining a professional standard, keeping event costs low, and raising money only for the events (we have no ongoing ministry costs).  We also understand the importance of submitting to authority of any collaborative ministries that we work with and strive to maintain a servants heart.

We are also very excited about a project we are working on to build a technology solution using the latest communication technology to help individuals, churches, organizations, and Christian radio stations communicate prayer requests in a free to low cost manor.